Childhood Lead Poisoning 

Our original call to action was to spread awareness on Childhood Lead Poisoning.  When it was discovered that the National Institute of Health  was sharing outdated information, we campaigned to spread awareness to have them update their shared information.  In short time, the National Institute of Health changed the information they share with the world.

Now we have our sites set on updating the information posted on the Health Departments of individual states.  
New York State Department of Health is our #1 target
as they still have their official elevated Blood Lead level for children
listed as 2x higher than is acceptable!


Here you can see the current NYS Department of Health site in need of immediate update.  
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Support Our Current
Smart Tech Fundraiser


Our goal is raise funds to put touch screen technology in the hands of New York students.
Let's work together to grant
Children with Autism the gift of an engaging education.


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This Video demonstrates the use of a SmartBoard in the classroom

(Boston Globe) At the Tynan School in South Boston the addition of autistic classrooms using iPads and smartboards meets the needs of growing number of austistic student. Video by Joanne Rathe.

Fundraising with Style:  Couture for a Cause

We have thrown Fashion Fundraisers in efforts to raise money for Children with Autism.  
We continue to dedicate our efforts each and every year to Children with Special Needs.
Here you can see some photos and video from past Fashion Shows and Auctions.
We remain grateful to all contributors we have worked with to aid those vulnerable.