A Success Story  

In January 2012, the CDC lowered its reference level of Childhood Blood Lead Levels from 10ug/dL down to 5ug/dL, and in April of 2019 the New York State Department of Health has finally caught up.  

Back in late February 2017 #LeadFreeNYC was started by C4AC as we asked the Senate and Assembly to draft legislation to update the definition of elevated blood lead levels used during Childhood and Prenatal blood testing. One month later Assemblymember Sean M. Ryan drafted such. From there we lobbied several Senators to draft matching legislation. Year after year, efforts fell flat. Finally, in 2019, Senate Bill S1507C and Assembly Bill A2007C were both passed, signed, and the rest is history!

Below are some reasons we fought so hard for these bills to pass.


Flint Michigan Levels are dwarfed here in New York City

At the end of 2016, Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated schools to test the content of lead in drinking fountain water.  Since then over 83% of public schools had at least water outlet tested positive above the EPA "action level." In some New York City schools these test have shown Lead levels 125x and even 1200x higher than  levels found in the average tainted water levels found in Flint, Michigan.  For more information found in articles published last year, click below:


Lead Poisoning currently affects 1 in 38 children in America

Yes, you read that correctly.  Most people think Lead Poisoning is a thing of the past.   A recent study shows Lead is associated with conduct problems and delinquency as well as ADHD. Lead Poisoning can also lower IQ, impair hearing, lead to behavior issues, damage kidneys, cause seizures, coma, and even death.  Back in 2012, the CDC updated the recommended levels for follow up doctor care from Blood Lead Levels of 10ug/dL down to 5ug/dL.  Meanwhile 24 out of 50 states have not yet caught up to these standards.  C4AC aims to spread the word, raise awareness, and put pressure on government agencies to play their part in protecting all the children across America.  Thankfully, our initial target of updating NYS Public Health Law, Title 10 of Article 13 Section § 1370 Subdivision 6 - has passed. However, our work continues in spreading the word on the good news as well as sharing everyday ways family can protect themselves from lead exposure through nutrition and evidence-based detox.



If you live in any of the five boroughs of New York City, you can order a FREE LEAD TEST KIT by calling 311

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