As we are always on the look out to aid those in need and promote peace in tangible ways, we encourage you and all you know in your community to do the same. While everyone has their individual cause, we aim to provide resources to the causes we defend.  Below you will find pdfs and links to sites that will give information and opportunities regarding our campaigns, including:  Aids for Parent and Children with Special Needs, Ways to help the Homeless, Ways to help those affected by Storms, and Ways to Promote Peace. 

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Children with Special Needs

Coming Soon to this link will be FREE Childhood Milestones, Red Flags, Parenting Tips, and Printable Learning Flash Cards.  Please call 311 for assistance if you suspect your child may benefit from free therapy in New York.


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Homeless Relief

If you wish to help local efforts you can reach out directly to us via our Contact page.  We schedule door-to-door pick ups daily.  If you are in the Brooklyn area look out for another great Organization called The Blue Bus Project who work to aid the homeless as well.  Every little bit helps.


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Peace Promotion

Peace is education, community growth, and crime reduction.  C4AC works diligently to promote these pathways to peace within the community. Education is of particular importance because it opens the doors to jobs.  Job availability creates more stability and security in the home and the community.  And this in turn leads to reduced rates of crime.  Take a look at FREE Educational options for adults.