Our Board Members


Richard Shelala

Director of the Brooklyn Branch: He advocates for Children with Special Needs by engaging local politicians. He aids in community building by aiding in donation drives within the local communities. His current aims include the development of a “Green Branch” to create much needed recycling programs targeting often overlooked household items. He also has a passion for providing aid to the incarcerated and has helped support the successful #CLOSERikers campaign.


Marlie Decopain

Creative Director: She works tirelessly to design all official C4AC graphics, website, as well as pamphlets used in both offices of local politicians and the pamphlets given throughout the communities to aid informing parents and families on ways to protect themselves. She adds artistic expertise to deliver a sophisticated polish to all her work.


Brian Rasmusson

Long Island Branch Director: He has coordinated food and clothing donations from local eateries that have fed and clothed the homeless in shelters, those living in tent villages behind the Meadowbrook Parkway, as well as feeding First Responders for our annual 9/11 Appreciation Campaign.


Chris Lake

Executive Director: He aims to protect and promote those with special needs, feed those hungry, and provide the opportunities needed by those vulnerable. His experience as a Special Needs teacher drives his passion to tackle the often overlooked problem of Childhood Lead Poisoning. He created Community for a Cause with the vision of banding communities together to problem solve the causes that effect the vulnerable and overlooked populations of New York.