Lead Poisoning currently affects 1 in 38 children in America

Yes, you read that correctly.  Most people think Lead Poisoning is a thing of the past.   A recent study shows Lead is associated with conduct problems and delinquency as well as ADHD. Lead Poisoning can also lower IQ, impair hearing, lead to behavior issues, damage kidneys, cause seizures, coma, and even death.  Back in 2012, the CDC updated the recommended levels for follow up doctor care from Blood Lead Levels of 10ug/dL down to 5ug/dL.  Meanwhile 24 out of 50 states have not yet caught up to these standards.  C4AC aims to spread the word, raise awareness, and put pressure on government agencies to play their part in protecting all the children across America.  Of course, our initial target is in New York. 



Click the link below to find out whether your child's NYC school has tested positive for Lead.  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and input your child's school or school address.




If you live in any of the five boroughs of New York City, you can order a FREE LEAD TEST KIT here:



C4AC Aims to Protect Vulnerable Children

Back in 2014, C4AC first worked to encourage the National Institute of Health to update their Childhood Blood Lead Levels posted on their website.  At the time the posted toxicity was 2x what the CDC recommended (Figure 1).  Now we work to do the very same for the Department of Health in New York.  Take a look below at screenshots that show the update made by the NIH (Figure 2).  Then take a look at the NYS DOH current standards (Figure 3).  As more and more schools are learning their water levels are toxic, it is the duty of C4AC to tirelessly work to protect those who may be affected by all sources of lead exposure by ensuring the medical community is working with the most up to date standards.


How You Can Help:   Play Your Part        

Tweet. Call. Write. Sign Our Petition. In January 2012, the CDC lowered its reference level of Childhood Blood Lead Levels from 10ug/dL down to 5ug/dL, the New York State Department of Health has not yet caught up.  

According to NYS Public Health Law, Title 10 of Article 13 Section § 1370 the definition is as follows:

6. "Elevated lead levels" means a blood lead level greater than or equal to ten micrograms of lead per deciliter of whole blood or such blood lead level as may be established by the department pursuant to rule or regulation.

According to section § 1370-a.  the Lead poisoning prevention program under the Department of Health shall:

(a) promulgate and enforce regulations for screening children and pregnant women, including requirements for blood lead testing, for lead poisoning, and for follow up of children and pregnant women who have elevated blood lead levels;

This means, they can fix this.  But they NEED OUR HELP!  SIGN OUR PETITION. Tweet #LeadFreeNYC  @HealthNYGov and ask when the NYS elevated levels will match the CDC reference levels.  Email the DOH at dohweb@health.ny.gov and ask why there is a disparity between CDC and NYS, and when can we expect to see levels that reflect our desire to keep our Children protected from Lead Poisoning.  Or call the Growing Up Healthy Hotline 24 hours a day/seven days a week at 1-800-522-5006.  Call, call, call, and call again.  Persistence breeds success.  Let us persist so our children can prevail.


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*Currently 24 out of 50 states have "elevated levels" of Childhood Blood Lead Levels as 2x higher or more than the CDC levels recommended back in 2012.  C4AC will not rest until all 50 states serve to protect and provide for our children.

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