It all started when...

Our charity started as a Fashion Fundraiser known in the Manhattan community as Couture for a Cause.  We used Fashion Shows as a fundraising platform for raising awareness for Children with Special Needs.  In addition to these efforts, our staff was able to use social media to highlight a discrepancy of information regarding Childhood Blood Lead Levels.  The National Institute of Health website had posted a reference amount that was 2x the allowed amount.  We tirelessly took to twitter to encourage the correction and within a matter of weeks, they made the appropriate adjustment.  This is information that has the potential to affect over 23 million children in the US alone!  We are proud to have made an impact in this way.


Did you know...

...Adults with Autism have a much higher risk of becoming homeless?  According to the National Autistic Society only 15% of Autistics have a full time job and only 9% have a part time job.  Those without family support often fall through the cracks.  It is this consideration that lead our charity to pick up the cause of providing relief to the homeless.  Through a"Spring Cleaning"  inspired campaign, we were able to provide clothes and more to shelters, agencies, and individuals across all 5 boroughs and parts of Long Island.  Each Spring we aim to do the same.  Contact us to join in this cause~


How We Expanded Our Efforts

In working with local agencies to provide clothes for the homeless, we were asked to help aid those at-risk for incarceration, as well as those freshly returned from the prison system.  Soon thereafter, we took on collaborations to help stem gun-violence by providing community outreach to aid the Bronx DA Office with both a successful Gun Buyback and a Warrant Forgiveness program. We reached out to over 70 New York based organizations to spread the word on the gun buyback, a warrant forgiveness program, and information on free High School Equivalent program for those in need. As a result, total of 165 guns were able to be peacefully taken off the streets, and 355 people were able to have their outstanding non-violent warrants wiped clean.  

Help Us to Cover the Map

This map shows locations we have worked, donated, and provided aid.
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